Homebuying At It’s Most Basic

If you are thinking about buying a home for the first time, this might sound like a monolithic undertaking! Believe me, it’s not. Well…you will have to sign a lot of paperwork and spend a lot of time on the phone. But at its most basic, it’s something people have been doing forever. And if your one cousin can figure it out, you surely can too.

Renting versus buying have various pros and cons. On the one hand, you’ve got the simplicity of renting. You don’t have to pay for repairs, property taxes, a down payment, that kind of thing. On the other hand, you are paying some other schlub’s mortgage every month. That’s money you’ll never have back again. When you’re paying a mortgage, you’re paying yourself every month. [Read the full article]

When You Can’t Afford Organic Foods

can;t afford organic food

When you have a tight food budget, it is not always practical to shop for organic foods as they typically cost a lot more to purchase. While many may want to shop organic, their food budget just simply can’t support the desire. With all the processed foods and GMO foods now taking up 70 percent of supermarket shelves, what can a consumer do, especially when facing a small food budget with rising food costs? … [Read the full article]

Savings Challenge Update #5 – Noticing A Trend?

saving challenge june

Well, it seems that the trend of this year is continuing when looking at bringing in extra income. While there was some serious volatility in my monthly reports early on this year, things seemed to have settled down lately. While that might seem like a good thing, if you aren't hitting your goal, then it really isn't so good. Let's take a look at the month of May to see how I did and then talk about things moving forward. … [Read the full article]

Monthly Budget Update – June 2015

50/30/20 budget

While it technically isn't summer yet here on the east coast, it certainly feels like it. We've had more days in the 80s (and humid) than we've had in the 70s this spring. Luckily though this week is supposed to be a little cooler, so that is a good thing. On the money front, things were so-so in May. There were some nice things to report about and some not so nice things. Non-financial goals were the same - a mix of both good and bad. So without further ado, let's jump … [Read the full article]

How To Eat Less Sugar

how to eat less sugar

You probably already know that too much salt is bad for your health but many people aren’t aware that sugar can be just as detrimental. Eating too much sugar can help you to pile on the pounds. But even if you’re not looking to lose weight anytime soon, there are some good reasons to look at how much sugar you eat and how you can cut back on your consumption. Most of us eat too much sugar. Below are a handful of ways for how to eat less sugar. Tips For How To Eat Less … [Read the full article]

You Think Personal Finance Is Simple? Think Again!

personal finance tips

If you are reading this we can safely assume that you are interested in personal finance. You may be interested because you have seen signs of trouble and you wish to learn what to do and how to cope; you may be interested because you wish to become better; or because you are dreaming of financial independence, early retirement and being so rich that you could buy the national debt of a medium sized country. Or even a large one! Whatever your interest in personal … [Read the full article]

Introduction to Contracts For Difference Trading

Contracts For Difference Trading

There are two types of investing that most people deal with – active trading and passive trading. I’ve even detailed the advantages and disadvantages of both of these in a previous post. Even though these are the two most popular forms of investing, there is another form of investing that is gaining in popularity and that is contracts for difference trading. If you never heard of this, have no fear, as this post is an introduction to contracts for difference … [Read the full article]

Savings Challenge Update #4 – Keep On Pushing

Savings Challenge April

It's been a roller coaster ride of a journey with my goal of earning $250 each month. I started the year strong, fell flat on my face, and then came back with a vengeance. In April, things went well, but not as good as in March. So just how well did I do? April Savings Challenge At the end of the month, I checked in with an extra $127.50 of side income. Not my best number, but not my worst either. What really threw my for a loop was our trip to Ireland. I didn't want … [Read the full article]

Monthly Budget Update – May 2015

50/30/20 budget

I can't believe it is May already! Time is flying by and its seems as though we have skipped from winter into spring. This week the highs are in the mid-80s. What happened to spring? We went from cold to hot, just like that. I'm hoping it cools off a bit so we can enjoyed nice weather, but not too hot or cold. I have been feeling under the weather the past few weeks. I have a cough that is really annoying - a tickle that won't go away. I've never had allergies before, … [Read the full article]