How To Save Money On Burial Costs

burial costsAs you must plan the funeral or memorial of a loved one, you will soon realize the expenses can add up. However, while there is still time, proper planning can help you overcome this burden. While having final expense insurance can help cover most of the costs, you can still lower these expenses by implementing the following three options.

Price Shop For Caskets

The average casket costs anywhere from $2,000 – $3,000. This is the charge to expect walking into a funeral home and not price shopping. After you have added on the bells and whistles, the cost of a casket can easily skyrocket another thousand dollars.

A funeral home is required to show you all of their available caskets, not just the ones on the main display floor. So be sure to see the ones they may have sitting in the basement – which are the least expensive options.

Another idea is to look at a third party vendor for caskets. You can start checking out caskets online at the following sites:


The funeral home you use should not charge any additional fees for purchasing a different vendors casket. [Read the full article]

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