I Want a Chest Freezer to Save Money

chest freezerThe house I live in currently has no basement. I’d love to have one, but I had to decide between certain features in order to stay within the range of house I could afford. While a basement was on the list of wants, it wasn’t as high as some other options. Nevertheless, now I am wanting a basement even more, strictly for the following reason: I want a chest freezer.

I’m sure if you asked any guy in their early 30’s what is on their wish list, a chest freezer would not appear. But it is high on my list. It would be great to take advantage of the extra space. Case in point, I shop for some food at Costco. I can get chicken breasts there for a little more than $2 per pound. I barely have enough room in my freezer for the pack that I do buy, but I’d love to buy a second pack for my chest freezer as well. This would save me the time and gas of driving all the way back to Costco when I run out of chicken.

There are other things that I buy at Costco to save money on that I freeze the ‘extra’ of. It would be great to move these items to the chest freezer and free up some room in the freezer in the house.

With a chest freezer, I could also take advantage of sales at the grocery store too. Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that I love green beans. Not the canned version but fresh or frozen. I have them at just about every dinner I eat. I’d love to stock up on green beans when they are on sale and freeze them. Yes, I can freeze them now, but freezing all of those green beans take away space for other foods that I have in my freezer.

One last benefit is that I can store more meals. I tend to cook food for a week on Sundays and then freeze it. Having a chest freezer will allow me to make more meals to freeze and would allow me to save room in my freezer in the kitchen.

Of course, there is the cost of electricity to run the freezer. I have not looked into how much this would be, but figure it can’t be too much. There is also the cost of the freezer itself and the possibility of buying too much food simply because I have more space.

Readers, do you have a chest freezer? If so, what other benefits can you think of? Do you know how much it adds to your electric bill each month?

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  1. says

    I think off and on about getting a freezer to save money when I see a good sale, but then I think about going fridgeless altogether……I am torn between the two. One of the things that I am hesitant about a freezer though is if I get it packed full and lose power long enough to lose every freezer item…….it would make me ill. I have known people who have literally lost upwards of $600 worth of food after losing power for over a week. I have had one in the past and we had a hard time keeping it full enough to make the electricity running it worth it. So both those are an issue for me and think for my family it is best to stock up on canned goods and things that do not need refridgeration!

    I am fortuante right now though to have a fairly nice sized freezer in my refridgerator where I can store a months worth or meat for my fairly large family.
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  2. says

    We’ve been using a chest freezer for years. My wife’s dad is a farmer, so we get our pork each year by getting an entire pig butchered and filling our chest freezer with bacon, sausage, ham, pork chops, pork steaks, ribs, pork brats…. Excellent money saver. I don’t think it uses hardly any extra energy to run. This is due partly to the fact that it is not constantly being opened and closed and partly because once all the food inside is frozen solid, it helps to keep it cool inside. Think of the food itself as being a whole bunch of ice packs.
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    • says

      Matthew do you take precautions for extended power outages? I must admitt, I am so far fortuante to live in an area where losing power is rare. However my mom and brother ( totally different states) have lost power frequently, some lasting 2 to 3 weeks…….the last time my brother had just gone out the day before and restocked his freezer full……lost $600 worth of food…….this would make me ill.

      On the other hand I love the idea of stocking up on sales and maybe I worry too much about power outages?
      Poor to Rich a Day at a Time recently posted..A Minimalist Funny for Your Thursday Laughter Fix!My Profile

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